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The Average Insurance Rates within the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area

According to Chittley (2017), Toronto does not in fact have the highest average car insurance premiums, but Brampton does, and is followed closely by Vaughan and Mississauga. This is due in part to the number of years of driving experience and claims size/frequency in these areas among other risk factors (Chittley, 2017). The top ten most expensive Ontario cites according to Chittley (2017) are (average prices):

1 . Brampton $2,392

2. Vaughan $2,018

3. Mississauga $1,930

4. Toronto $1,886

5. Markham $1,886

6. Richmond Hill $1,783

7. Hamilton $1,683

8. Pickering $1,593

9. Ajax $1,556

10. Bradford $1,484

11. Stouffville $1,484

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Affordable Car Insurance for All Toronto GTA Drivers

 Affordable Car Insurance for All Toronto GTA Drivers

Yes you can receive cheap toronto car insurance no matter what type of driver in Toronto you are, even high risk drivers need car insurance. We understand that every driver is unique – just as we are unique in the sea of private insurance       companies. That is why we differ – with so much choice, affordable car insurance is always an option. It is amazing   how much one car insurance company rate will differ in quote form another.

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Common Questions about Car Insurance

Q. Will my insurance coverage be higher if I am sharing a car with another driver?

A. Every person’s life is different. Many factors help with your rate such as age, driver record and living area, there will be little to maximum charge for the additional driver. Call your insurance company after filling out your cheap Toronto car insurance quote to get what the most effective rate would be to add an additional driver would have to your policy.

Q. Is it better to have a higher liability limits with our insurance policies?

A. The liability limit should be no higher than 50% of the value to a maximum of $3000.

Q. Renting a car while on vacation. Does my Toronto car insurance policy cover my rental?

A. Talk with your representative insurance broker in advance prior to renting a vehicle. In many cases, your rental would be covered.

Q. Will a comprehensive claim affect my Toronto car insurance?

A. It could affect your premium but your comprehensive claim will not be affected. More than one may affect your rate as well. Or, a higher deductible will be asked by your insurance company, or they may not offer this coverage or cancel your insurance coverage or policy altogether over numerous claims. These include theft, vandalism or glass damage.

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The Level of Cheap Car Insurance Coverage You Choose Is Influential in Costs

As in everything, the more you buy the higher price you pay. Only the minimum liability coverage is enforced in every province. All the other coverage is technically optional. However, it isn’t really optional not to insure your brand new automobile against collisions, fire, theft, storms and vandalism. Here are some the essential coverage you can have.

Bodily injury liability

Bodily injury liability
This will cover all the legal costs, injury and death claims against you if your car kills someone or injures someone.

Property damage liability

Property damage liability
This will cover the costs if your car damages any property during a course of an accident. This is required in all provinces but three since this liability coverage protects the other party.

Uninsured motorist protection

Uninsured motorist protection
Its been estimated that in some provinces, almost 50% of the motorists are uninsured. This coverage protects those that are travelling in inside the car (the driver and the occupants) from the injuries that may be caused by uninsured drivers or hit and run drivers.

Medical payments

Medical payments
This is optional in some provinces. This coverage pays for the injuries that are caused to the driver and the occupants of the car. But in provinces that have “no fault”, personal injury protection is substituted as part of the basic package.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage
In cases of collision, this coverage will the amount the amount as recorded on the books. However this coverage has a deductible. As always, higher the deductible, lower is the insurance premium and vice versa. This coverage is optional, but a leasing company or a lending financial institution would definitely require it.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage
This will protect your car against theft, vandalism, fire, floods, winds and other non-accident reasons. This coverage also carries a deductible.

Other factors for premium allocation

The type of car that you choose will definitely affect the insurance premium that you pay. But the insurance premiums can also be based on the database of the individual companies. For example company X may have more claims related to small cars and pay charge a higher premium for insuring small cars. While Company Z may have higher insurance claims for SUV’s and charge a higher premium rate for insuring those. That’s why it makes sense to shop around for rates before you finally purchase a car insurance premium.

The premiums are definitely based on the model of the car

This price would include the cost to replace the car in case the car is stolen, the repair cost (how expensive it is to repair the costs that include the cost of the parts and the labor). Companies also levy a surcharge on the cars that are stolen the most or those that are involved in the accidents the most.

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14 Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

How can I reduce my Auto Insurance Premium?

Drivers Education Course
If you are still in high school, take a drivers education course. It can be worth up to 15% off all of the coverages your driving effects, (property damage, collision etc,). The discount applies in most provinces until you are 21!

Accident Prevention or Defensive Driving Course
This course is not only for young drivers or those with bad driving records. This course is usually 6 hours long and is worth 10% off all of the coverages your driving effects. The National Safety Council will have information on locations and availability.

Passive Alarm Systems
A passive alarm is one that arms itself soon after you close the door and requires no intervention and has an audible siren, (a keypad in the car that set before leaving, is NOT passive). Passive alarms can apply to a 15% discount to your comprehensive or other than collision coverage.

Vehicle Recovery Systems
Commonly known as “Lo-Jack”, vehicle recovery systems are activated when your vehicle is stolen, allowing police to track the location of the vehicle. When combined with Passive alarm systems, the discount on your comprehensive can increase to 25%.

Higher Deductibles=Lower Premiums
Most policies have a standard $200 or $250 deductible on Comprehensive and Collision. Today’s higher priced vehicles are more expensive to insure, thus higher deductibles, ($500,$1000) bring greater savings. Be sure you can afford that increase in deductible before making the change to your policy.

Multi-Car Discounts
Combining two or more cars on the same policy can reduce your premium by up to 25% per car, (varies by company).

Multi-Policy Discounts
Placing your Auto & Home insurance with the same company can bring a 5-10% discount on both policies, (varies by company).

Loss or Claim Free Discount
Many companies offer a discount of 5% to policyholders who are claim free in during the last 3, 4 or 5 years. If you are claim free, inquire about the availability of this discount.

Full coverage on a 1986 Chevette??
Many people still carry full coverage on vehicles with little or no book value. For example – your car is worth $600 and you pay $180 per year for Comp & Collision with a $500 deductible. The car is a total loss in an accident. You would receive $100 after the $500 deductible, but paid $180 for full coverage, so you lose $80.

College Students
Many companies offer discounts for students away at school with high GPA’s. If you have your car away at school with you, (in the same province), and have your own policy, inquire as to the premium for rating your policy in your schools town, (using dorm or apartment address). This is especially true for students who live in cities, but go to school in an urban area. If your car is under your parents policy and you DO NOT TAKE IT TO SCHOOL, they may be eligible for a discount if you are 250 miles or more from home. You will need a copy of your dorm or tuition receipt to prove residency and may have to change the address on your drivers license.

It pays to review your policy at least annually. Situations change over time, i.e.: Perhaps you used to drive 45 miles to and from work and now live around the block from the office, (or better yet, retired). Distance to work makes a big difference in the rate.

What defensive driving courses can do FOR YOU …

Save Your Life — It has been estimated that 77 percent of accidents are due to driver error. The defensive driving course (DDC) addresses this problem directly by teaching how driver error is best avoided.

Reduce Violation Points — Currently, 28 provinces allow up to three points to be deducted from the total on your driving record if you have incurred violations during the 18-month period prior to taking DDC. More provinces are allowing this deduction each year.

Insurance Discounts — Reduction on insurance premiums has for many years been one of the benefits to graduates of DDC. Currently, insurance companies in 34 provinces offer such discounts. In other provinces, where all companies are required by law to offer a discount, individual companies operating in those provinces offer premium reduction.

In an age where a motor car is no longer a luxury item, but simply a basic need, the number of cars hitting the road continues to increase every day. The fast pace at which new cars are rolled of the factory also causes a direct impact on the growth of motor insurance companies.

It is essential for every car owner to get car insurance as it is illegal not to have it also an uninsured driver probably would not be able to bear the cost of replacement or repair of the damage caused to the 3rd parties person, vehicle or property in the case of an accident.

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