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That’s what makes our customers happy; we give them a choice which leads to cheaper car insurance. Our success has ensued from entrusting customer to make the right choice. We continue to increase our service so no matter where you live, your age or past driving record – we give you many choices with various options for you to opt in or opt out. This provides you with the most affordable plan that best fits your needs. We save You Money!

Cheap Toronto Car Insurance

  • Best Price You get the best price in car insurance because we offer you multiple options. We Guarantee to save you money!
  • Great Coverage Amazing coverage and low prices that come in one package. Many insurance provider provide a single rate while we gather information from dozens of insurers to find the best coverage for you.
  • Best Service Tired of lack of service? Many people are that is why You’ll get the best in customer service from your insurer by calling them directly and speaking with them. We provide you with the number to get into contact with them.
  • Fast and Simpe Quotes Never been easier to fill out a simple form to get multiple quotes online.
  • New Driver Support We encourage new drivers with great rates and great service at every turn
  • Multiple policy Discount Add other policies such as home and business to continue the discounts.

A Fast, Free and Easy Way to get Cheap Toronto Car Insurance Quote

Getting car insurance quotes from us is fast, secure, easy and free. Just enter your basic information into our online auto insurance quote from we then provide you a value package. You can then call us to see our various options and speak to a representative to ensure the options you pick are the best fit for your lifestyle and driving habits. If you live in Toronto or GTA and you are looking for great service, great coverage at the cheapest insurance rate then you will find it here.


Affordable Car Insurance for All Toronto GTA Drivers

Yes you can receive affordable car insurance no matter what type of driver in Toronto you are, even high risk drivers need car insurance. We understand that every driver is unique – just as we are unique in the sea of private insurance companies. That is why we differ – with so much choice, affordable car insurance is always an option. It is amazing how much one car insurance company rate will differ in quote form another but here even if our first quote does not meet your expectation. We will review it and tweak it to provide you the rate you are looking for. Getting cheap car insurance may come from dozens of car insurance companies but we feel choice is your best bet and with amazing customer service there is no other like us.

Q. Will my insurance coverage be higher if I am sharing a car with another driver?

A. Every person’s life is different. Many factors help with your rate such as age, driver record and living area, there will be little to maximum charge for the additional driver. Call your insurance company after filling out your cheap Toronto car insurance quote to get what the most effective rate would be to add an additional driver would have to your policy.

Q. Is it better to have a  higher liability limits with our insurance policies?

A. The liability limit should be no higher than 50% of the value to a maximum of $3000.

Q. Renting a car while on vacation. Does my Toronto car insurance policy cover my rental?

A. Talk with your representative insurance broker in advance prior to renting a vehicle. In many cases, your rental would be covered.

Q. Will a comprehensive claim affect my Toronto car insurance?

A. It could affect your premium but your comprehensive claim will not be affected. More than one may affect your rate as well. Or, a higher deductible will be asked by your insurance company, or they may not offer this coverage or cancel your insurance coverage or policy altogether over numerous claims. These include theft, vandalism or glass damage.

Get A Free No Obligation Quote Today!